Learn how to create and maintain a more secure, safe environment for your business or organization and your family. Engage SRMG’s highly-educated, experienced professionals to deliver timely, dynamic, and interesting presentations that will positively impact your audience.

The topics below are a small sample of the many subjects on which our experts are qualified to speak. We are happy to work with any of our clients to develop custom presentations or tailor content for specific events such as keynote addresses.

Scott Nelson (back row, fourth from left) and other veterans of the historic battle to retake Hue City, Vietnam, during the massive Tet Offensive join active duty Marines of the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California, to discuss leadership and lessons learned in urban combat environments.

"Corporate Combat—A View from the Trenches (The Art of Corporate and Personal Survival)"

Corporations, law enforcement groups, the military, and companies providing services of all kinds in today's competitive, changing environment must understand how the dynamics of leadership impact their ability to be successful. Learn how adapting, strategizing, and planning within the context of time-tested U.S. Marine Corps combat leadership principles and traits can make a real difference in your personal life and your business. View the historic battle for Hue City in the Vietnamese Tet Offensive up close and personal. Learn how a small band of Marines overcame political blunders and overwhelming odds to emerge victorious.

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"secur-link—A New Look for a New Time"

Corporations and individuals must now adapt to a new security and safety paradigm. Learn the four basic secur-link steps that you can take to prevent and protect your family and your company against the threat of personal injury, loss of property, and intrusion in a new and more difficult world. Be savvy. Be prepared. Adopt 360-degree protection.

"Heroes and Goats: 21st Century Leadership at Its Best...and Its Worst"

Learn about leadership from those who have done it right and those who have done it wrong. Let history be your teacher. Examine change leadership, ethics leadership, action leadership, and reverse leadership.

"The New Terrorism—Not in My Backyard"

Learn how experts view the global spread of terrorism, and understand how it might affect you and your company. Understand the trends; the strategies for prevention, avoidance, and protection; and the new rules of engagement.

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"Workplace Violence—It Can't Happen Here"

Examine the dynamics of workplace violence and its potential impact on your company. Learn how to identify the elements of a hostile workplace and how communications can enhance corporate security and safety. Learn what to do and how to do it.

"Selling Corporate Security—A Look Up and a Look Down"

Learn how to create a successful corporate security program that the top brass, employees, and clients will buy into. Learn how security does make real "cents" and can specifically affect your bottom line. The key terms are collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.

"Threat Risk Management—Common Sense Steps to Identify and Avoid Risk"

Learn what every security director, chief of police, and executive should do to identify and avoid risk. Understand the elements of security and safety risk and learn how to minimize their impact on your business and personal lives.

"Ethics in Law Enforcement—The Right Way at the Right Time"

Police departments across the country face daily dilemmas in their sworn duty to protect and serve. Learn how to instill commonsense ethics at all levels of your organization to ensure a more professional, believable operation that relies on the support and goodwill of the community you serve.

"Guerrilla Communications—Be There or Be Square"

Learn about the new style of communication and how it can impact you and your organization. Discover how to communicate up, down, and sideways during crisis situations. The media is a tool of the informed. It may not be what you say, but how you say it and to whom that really counts.

"Travel Security—Simple Steps for Simple Safety"

Learn what to do when you travel. Whether you are going across the state or across the world, preparation and communication are key elements to ensure that you have a safe, productive trip. Find out helpful tips for air, car, and boat travel.

"Natural Disasters—Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best"

Learn about natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires, and find out how you can prepare for these events with both a family and business plan to minimize disruption and injury.

"Crime Trends in the 21st Century—A Look to the Future"

Futuristics is more that crystal ball gazing—it is a look at past crime activity to predict future trends. What will you and you company face tomorrow? Cyber terrorism? Homeland security issues? New rules? New regulations? Learn about the dynamics of crime in our century and how it can impact you and your business.

"Emergency Management—Let's Just Play it by Ear"

Emergencies occur at the worst possible time—count on it. Learn simple plans and techniques to ensure you, your employees, and your family are prepared to meet unexpected crises. Don't just play it by ear.

"Reinventing the Security Wheel—Don't Do It"

Learn how to tap best practices and existing resources to build a security program for your company and your family. What has worked successfully for others will work for you. Don't beta test on your dollar.

"Due Diligence—No Longer Just an Option"

Learn what every company in America should know about protecting their assets and reputations. Understand the importance of avoiding the appearance of culpability or negligence, and protect yourself and your organization from civil and criminal liability. Learn why preemployment screening for employees, vendors, and potential business partners is an absolutely necessary, common "cents" approach to business success.

"Attitude, Education, and Prevention—The Power of Three"

Learn how the power of three can help improve your security and safety environments, from a Sunday drive; to security in your neighborhood; to creating a safe, healthy workplace for you and your employees. Adopt a new attitude and style that is simple, practical, and workable in a seemingly complicated, and often dangerous, world. Learn about self awareness, family councils, neighborhood watch, workplace wardens, and more. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

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